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Welcome to…

Welcome to SG Interpreting.

I’m Sarah Glendenning, and as a British Sign Language Interpreter, I support people in all community and corporate settings to communicate effectively between two different languages – and two different cultures.

British Sign Language (BSL) is the 4th official language used language in Britain. If it’s not being used effectively in your community group, business or corporation, you’re probably being left behind.

Think that all deaf people can ‘make do’ and lip read? They can’t.

Think that sign language is just gesture and mime? It isn’t.

Think that learning sign language is just about matching a sign to a word? Wrong again.

BSL has its own grammar, structure and syntax, which in plain terms means that if you’re hoping or needing to communicate with deaf people in your community or workplace, you can’t just wing this. You need to hire a professional.

By hiring a fully qualified and experienced BSL Interpreter, you’re making sure that everything that needs to be said and heard is communicated in full, with the right tone, the right context, and the right expression.

With SG, there’s no room for misinterpretation.  

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*Oh, and if you answered ‘yes’ to that first question, know this: even the best lipreader in the world will only be able to understand 30% of what is being said – at best. The rest is pure guesswork…

Let’s face it, your reputation doesn’t want ‘at best’. It wants THE best.