Training Courses

Welcome to our range of training courses!

My team of trusted associates and I run courses at our own locations, but are similarly happy to travel to your place of work to train you and your team in a more bespoke setting.

Please just ask for further details or to register your interest in any of the below training courses.

‘If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in…’

(An Awareness of Working with Deaf People in Mental Health)

Every year, places on this popular training course become more and more in demand. Presented jointly by a qualified Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) and a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMHN), the course is an introduction into working with deaf people in mental health settings, such as hospitals and secure units.

Covering topics such as medication, terminology, safety, different settings and ward practices, this one-day training course is perfect for either trainee or recently qualified interpreters who would like to explore this specialist field of practice.

CPD points are awarded upon full course attendance.

‘Cover Me, I’m Going In…’

(Lone Working with Deaf People)

At SG Interpreting Ltd, we’re delighted to announce that Lone Working training is coming to Manchester.

The right to keep yourself safe is an area many professionals never even give a second thought to in their day to day working lives.  We want to change that – especially in the case of lone workers.

For definition, a lone worker is someone who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers, without close or direct supervision. Such people may be exposed to increased risks due to the lack of anybody else monitoring their whereabouts or activities. Interpreters are regularly in this situation, so this training is essential for peace of mind above all else.

Together, we’ll explore: • What is a risky assignment? • How to spot risks and hazards • Ways to keep safe • Buddy systems • What to do in the event or threat of an incident • Case studies and real experiences.

Delivered by experienced practitioners in a safe environment, this training is one of a kind. It’s open to all language professionals, including Spoken Language Interpreters, Sign Language Interpreters, Lip Speakers, Note Takers and Palantypists.

CPD points are awarded upon full course attendance.

‘What the…?’

Coming soon to SG Interpreting Ltd… a follow-up to the highly successful ‘If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in!’ 

This one-day course will explore the language used when interpreting in Mental Health settings, strategies for facing dilemmas when offensive language is used, and when to switch from first to third person in communication.

This course will be suitable for interpreters of all levels.

Anything on our list take your interest? Please contact SG Interpreting Ltd for more information or to book on any of the courses.