Is sign language international?
No, each country has its own sign language, here in the UK it is regional.  The signs used in London can differ to the signs used in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Do you read braille?
No, I don’t need to use braille as I work with deaf people who use British Sign Language to communicate (BSL).  However, I did start learning braille a few years ago when I worked with Deafblind people.

How long does it take to become a qualified sign language interpreter?
On average between 8 to 10 years.

Why in meetings do they use two interpreters?
Interpreting is both mentally and physically tiring, the interpreters will take turns through the meetings to make sure the content of the information is given correctly and that fatigue doesn’t compromise the translation.

It must be nice to be the interpreter that is sat doing nothing when the other interpreter is working hard.
The interpreter may appear to not be doing anything but they are actually listening and observing the proceedings and is there to assist the other interpreter if information is missed or misunderstood.


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